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Oh! Hello tan. Welcome back!
Hm... I want to say that I haven't blogged for quite a while. Oh yes, it's cause I'm going to be using Tumblr soon, but I'm going to be coming back here and reading and learning what you guys have to say about your school :)) can't wait!

I hate the sun! Playing and coaching tennis from 3-6 is torture, sad, and depressing, but nonetheless fun. But I do hate the tanning that I'm getting. Just when I got rid of my sock tan this year, it came back within two days. *pout*

summer is not fun. i can't wait for school Irvine...

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(Deleted comment)
summer is NOT epic if your only companion is your own father... who constantly yells at you as much as he can before you go to college :(

oh and tumblr is another blogging site :P

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