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So I'm gay and I saw this guy checking me out with identical clothing and was in awe over it. I walk over to go talk to him, only to realize it was my own reflection in the mirror. IFAP

i thought that was cute. lol

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haha. :D I can imagine you doing that. That IS cute.

Oh. >.< Whoops. hahah. I should read more carefully.

ROFL it's okay haha!!!

i'm not gay!! DDD: tho i support prop 8 :)

omg! tht's really cute <3 *hugs*
hehe~ mm o yah i traded u in RC!! hey u can call my cell or txt me to trade u k? i'll try to get the ingredients u need!! :D anytime!! :D

lol *hugs back!!* but this isn't meeee. I copied this from a site called "I Fail At Pickups" lol NOT MEE!!! (I'm not gay!! ><)

and thanks in RC!!! <333

XDDD hahahaha!
o haha dun worry i woodn't think so,
oo wow i dun read very well HAHA! i just noticed
but it's cute anywho~ XD
& YAH no on prop 8 equality for all
hehe~ yay~! np!! do u know my #? :)

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