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Termites in the House
A termite just flew on to my labtop and I had the joy of killing it. Yippee!

So, I'll make this post short.

We are graduating tomorrow and I promised myself I would not cry. I also have to remember to bring my camera cause I have been forgetting it lately. Oh, and upload batteries.

Well, today was the end of it. The end of the long battle at high school. What should have been done is done and yeah, I'm looking forward to summer and soon college. I feel so screwed once I go to college, but I'm sure I'll survive. And I think that I'm not going to post in my lj anymore once I start to go to Irvine. I'll mention it again. I'm going to use Tumblr, and yeah. Erm, I'll still be posting here during the summer, not that it's going to be interesting or anything. *sigh* I'm going to miss this so much. Not the LJ, but the departing of friends. Ugh! So sad to just think about it. We came to earth meeting these people for more than half our lives and now we just leave them? No. I don't think we leave them because the memories will stay. And the leaving is just for a little while. But as the quote says, "Don't cry because it's over. Laugh because it happened." and I am going to do just that. I'm going to laugh, without denying, a few tears will trickle down. But I swear, it's tears of joy, not sadness. OHhh. I AM SO GOING TO MISS YOU ALL! Yes, people who read this journal and people who do not, people who I know and have remained friends with. THANK YOU so much!

...and my dad says i have to sleep now. BYE

I Hearts Reading
I think "Rocking Horse Winner" is a very depressing story.

I plan to read The Bell Jar over the summer. It is a book written by Sylvia Plaths, and it is overly depressing from what I have been told. I can't wait. I love it when books bring out my most inner emotion. It feels so good when you feel an invisible hand reaching in your mouth and pulling out a little shining sphere blinking on and off. Why? Cause it feels like your true emotion is shining through and really letting the way for you to express how you feel. Yeah, even though it made no sense to you, it made perfect sense to me, for once.

Two other books that I am planning to read are Night by Elie Weisel and Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe. Yep, I can't wait for summer to come.

Today, as many people said, was grad practice. I don't really have anything to say except ask why in the world was it sunny today?!? The past few days were as cloudy as heck, and expected hoped that today was going to be cloudy too. But nooo, the clouds had to fly away, letting the sun set its horrible UV rays on innocent people. Okay, we may not be innocent because of the pollution, but STILL, i wish it was cloudy...

For lunch, I went to the Hat. I swear, if I ever go there again to eat, I may as well attach myself to a heart moniter first. I nearly died today.

I'm still pissed that my twitter account is a "suspicious account" I SWEAR I DIDN"T DO ANYTHING!

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My Twitter Account is Suspended and I don't know why... IT"S NOT LIKE I DID ANYTHING ILLEGAL!
Anywho, on a happier note, SALAZAR IS SOO AWESOME!! He gave me a $20 gift card to borders, saying that I'm one of his best TA's ever. lol I feel so bad for sleeping in his class all the time. But I have to say that I am a diligent worker. It's so funny cause when he tells me to do it, I come out of his back room saying I'm finished after exactly one minute, and he was like "wowwed." haha Yep, awesome-ness. :)

Didn't really do anything in Bulgin's. Played cards with Joyce and Kevin. Aaron a little. I also played melee. I'm so sad that I suck at it now. I use to be so pro in Super Smash Bros as Kirby, but now, I suck pretty bad. *sigh*

Oh we got our elementary school picture cards today. Well, I did. I WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER IN KINDERGARTEN!!!! Oh MY GAH! I wish that my kindergarten self was my little sister and I would probably hug her to death. SO CUTE! :3

Didn't do much in tennis. Walked around on campus here and there. Went to Stranske and he's SO FUNNY! Finally took some pictures, paparazzi style. Haha. He nearly killed the cameras. Messed around with him and yeah. I'll miss him for sure.

I'm suddenly realizing that school is REALLY over. I mean like last year, when we thought that school was over, we'd be back at TCHS in no time cause time flies that quick. But this year is different. We won't be coming back to TCHS, where we nearly knew everone for six years. No, we're going to somewhere completely new and mysterious, not know what is exactly going to happen. Will be make new friends and stick with the old or are we going to give ourselves a complete new makeover. It's so crazy. I just find it funny how I've been in Temple City for more than three-fourths of my life and I'm finally leaving. Wow. It is completely trilling. I do hope that I make the most of it, and I really do hope that I keep in contact with dear friends.  :)

I really don't want to study Econ. D:

In Love...
with this guy....


just like rock lee ^.~



Deliriously Happy
Ugh I’m so sad that I didn’t post on the day of Renaissance. Why? Well, it’s because when I went home, I went on YouTube to watch Sunny with a Chance, ate dinner, and then went to take a nap around 6 p.m. Well, when I woke up, it was 5:45 a.m. Yeah I know. I literally nearly slept half a day. Haha. Well even I were to write about Renaissance it wouldn’t be much because seriously, I didn’t really do anything. Before the assembly, I just got face paint which were Zot! Zot! on my cheeks. I was holding a flag during the whole assembly, sitting next to Wilson and Chelsea. I guess the most exciting part was when they announced MIT, all the streamers burst out. It felt like graduation rather than a renaissance assembly. lol. Well, overall, the renaissance got me more hyped up about college. I want to go to UCI NOW! lol. Must be the group hug we did. Haha *smiling smug face*

I feel somewhat happier today. I don’t know. Hand is somewhat sore from signing all the inserts I did. Haha. DON’T COMPLAIN SUSAN! You must be grateful for having so many friends. X) and I am. I am really happy to have friends that I do have. Even though I say I won’t tear up during graduation, I know I’m going to cry. I’m going to really miss everyone. I mean we’ve been together for six years or MORE. That is at least 1/3 of our life, and people I know form kindergarten, that like 2/3 of my life. It’s going to be really hard to let go, but hey, that’s life, right? We meet and separate to meet other people. But don’t worry, we have brains for a reason. We’ll remember and cherish the memories that we created together. Well, that’s what keeps me going. :)

I have a lot more to say but I’m really busy. Extra credit essays for econ, an essay for a tutor, and some inserts to fill out.

Oh, and to all, thanks for being my friend. You really have no idea how much you mean to me. Yes, I do sound cheesy but hey, you can’t avoid the truth. :)


Wow. Senioritis is finally hitting me. I don't want to do the econ extra credit. I currently have a 99% in that class, if I do the extra credit which (total) is 100 pts, I'd probably get a some hundred something percent. Answer 4 questions, two page each, each worth 25 pts. Ugh. I so don't want to do it. Hmm.. maybe I will... tomorrow.

Well, guess what? My sore throat is gone! yay! I think it disappeared after I ate Flinstone Gummy Vitamins. LOL. But now, I have a HUGE throbbing headache, and I feel like throwing up. Not much of an improvement from the sore throat is it? Ah well.

I'm currently sitting in front of my laptop, typing and staring outside the window at the gloomy weather. I love this weather, but I thinks it's the weather that is making my head throb so much. I don't know why/how. Ugh.

This is going to be a random thought. I wish that sometimes I made the right choice. I sometimes feel like I make wrong choices and it leads me to unhappiness. I don't feel ready to say what specifically yet, but I just know that sometimes, I wish I chose differently or know what to choose. It's so frustrating when you make a wrong decision. Like a friend or a job, life seems so empty if you make that wrong decision. I don't know. I'm blabbling. But yeah, uh. I wish I made right choices. Sure, there will be happy times, but during the sad times, what happens if there isn't anybody there for you? You think you're part of this big group and everyone likes you (or not) yet when you’re in the most troubled times, they throw you away because you're no benefit to them anymore. I'm not saying this for myself, but to everyone (sorta). You think you're loved, but when your in trouble or just want some attention, they walk away from you, and you think "why were we friends?" Haha. wow, i don't know what i'm talking about.

Well, it's just that I notice these things happening around, and I, at times, attempt to fix it. I see people who are left alone and being quiet, so I try to make them happy. But like the things I do... go bad. And sometimes in the end, I get annoyed/sad (not to mention tired) to see that I said something wrong or something else happens, and they may take advantage of me? Ugh. See why I fail writing? I can’t get my thoughts straight. Maybe it’s because I’m not saying the things I actually want to say bluntly. So anyways, I try to be nice and all, but I think nice can take you so far.  

Haha, look at my trivial blabs. So, my basic message is not that I should make the right decisions (which I should), but the basic message is to be a good friend? When you see someone sitting alone or not talking when he/she is in your "group," don't block him/her out. Include them in your convo. Though I'm capable to be a loner, not everyone else is. I think you'll get a vibe if someone wants to be a loner, though. Um, so overall, be a good friend yeah? Okay, I think I’ll end this here…

Btw, no one really should really pay attention to my random talks, but it’d be nice if someone did… if they understood it that is…

My Heart is All of a Flutter
Today was a very bipolar day for me. This morning my dad was still mad at me for last night because I somehow gave him bad attitude. It's really annoying. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong but he throws out all these words and phrases how I'm very disrespectful and lazy and such harsh words. Inside, I was thinking, "How in the world am I going to be a happy person today?"

Well, that answer came right up when I reached school. First, I saw some friends happily waving at me, so I put up my best smile to smile back and wave. Next, I had a nice little sleep in Salazar's after I practiced my speech for 3 minutes. But what actually brightened up my day was that cookie Jimmy gave me before Period 2, so THANK YOU! That chocolately chipness really did lift me up a notch.

In Hoague, Kevin and I were supersuper nervous. Haha kind of. It was first April, then Andy, Kevin, Kai, me, and Vincent. Honestly, I like Andy's the best. I'm going to try and juggle now (gonna prove something about how women can beat men...or maybenot, andjustgoingtoenjoymyselfinjuggling). When it was my turn, I was so nervous. My paper is evidence of how much I sweat. lol. I think I was a bit conceited lol about how I eat chocolate and not get any pimple and zits and acne. Oh well. Also, in the middle, I couldn't pronouce antioxdents. I was about to say "Ox. Oxi. Oxi-clean." haha. but no, i didn't. And yeah, that's all I can kind of remember. I shared chocolates too, so yay me. X) Got a 50/50. Boo-yah!

Econ was actually a free period, sorta. Calculus as well. For lunch, I ate my own salmon sandwich. :) and physics, there was a lab that had to be done. it was coooool.
I can't wait to see the boat we build in water. I have not yet had the liberty so see the little boat i helped build glide mystically in the glittering water of a pool. Errrr. i'm going to sleep now...<input ... ></input><input ... >

I can't type but I'll attempt toooo...
So, I think I have to set a new goal. Instead of setting my goal of running a marathon one day, I'm going to change it to try to do a pull up one day. After running at night, my dad saw some bars and decided that we wanted to do a pull-up. I tried to do it too and yeah, my arms is ALL fat. Once I grabbed the bars and tried to pull myself up, my arms became total jello and I yeah... I can't pull myself up. So sad. oh well, now my goal is to do at least one successful push-up.

oh and before i forget: HAPPY BIRTHDAY IVY!!! Friends ever since pre-school (yeah, i don't think she'll ever know of this.)

so today was regular, again. Salazar: sleep, Hoague: listened to speeches, Ferntheil: played violin -_-, Hjerstedt: stared at ppt presentations, Bulgin: sleep/listentodanielandmichellesing.

For physics, we had to teach longden kids. Don't know if i should say we did a good job cause the teacher was sooo not smiley. Everytime i look at her, she's like "wtf, why are you teaching this; i bet the kids don't even understand you" kind of face. so yeah. well, at least it's over...

i have blisters on my hands! big whoop

I'm a happy camper! sorta. Just ate the most delicious berries. STRAWBERRIES and BLUEBERRIES!! *sigh* Sooo good. So today, my meals consisted of vietnamese sandwiches. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all I ate were baguettes, baguettes, and more baguettes. yuummmm... and I bet i'm going to eat that tomorrow morning for breakfast as well. yay!

Today was an okay day. I woke up extra early and ate breakfast at 5 cause dad had to leave early. It was getting late so my dad decided that my mom take me, and my mum got all pissy cause she was getting late to her work, so Yay Speeding! Arrived at my aunt, stayed for twenty minutes, and trekked off to school. Slept in Salazar's and then read the Peoples magazine I brought. In Hoague, 3 people presented their speeches and one of them took my speech. BIG SAD FACE!!


My speech is about chocolate and why people should eat it! But no, somebody had to talk about that first and be a super good speech teller or whatever that is. Ugh! Not cool. However, the only way I think mine will be better is that I'm going to GIVE OUT chocolates so everyone can be happy. :) Oh, and I got an A on my essay today. Not bad...i hope...

WE PLAYED IN ORCHESTRA TODAY!!! NOOOOOO!! Oh well, I lived somehow. And omg, today's economics presentation is soooo stupid. Okay, so we had to talk about currencies and my country was Japan. There was a bullet in the instruction sheet that said to describe the coin, NOT the symbols of the coin. SOOO Hjerstedt was being blah about, interrupting Amy and me saying that we have to describe the symbol on the coin. I DIDN"T KNOWWWW!!! So, i bsed some stuff. Oh well, at least that's over. Calc was okay. I fail Egyptian Ratscrew or whatever it's called. Didn't really do anything in physics.

Afterschool, we went to Sally's house and BUILT OUR AWESOME SHIP!! not really. it looks more like a car, seriously. The taping was horrible, kinda.... I fail GAH! But it was fun... sorta. Had a watermelon seed spitting contest which nobody won. Worked on the boat/raft. WE NEED MORE BOTTLES! It doens't look that bad but I still say we need to try it out. When we were "done" Sally's mum and dad bought us vietnamese sandwiches. YAY THANKS! and then we played basketball and I still like the way Elissa shoots. Looks really funny.

oh, and i like how i still didn't start on the outline. Fail to the max. Shoot me.

I Can’t Effing Wait to go to Irvine
bad day
I hate home. I really despise it. No, I abhor it. I hate the fact that my dad wastes my time with menial tasks of his. I hate how my mother yells at me for not doing my tasks, but she won’t let me do them anyway. I mean what’s the point? Is there a point? No! All they do there is complain, complain, and complain, yet there is nobody taking any action to change or whatever.

Like today, I finished eating breakfast and I forgot to wash my bowl because I wanted to finish up my economics powerpoint first. When my mom came home from exercising, she was ranting how I was such a lazy dirty kid not even being able to wash my own bowl. OMG! What’s worse is when I told her I’ll clean it right then right now, she wouldn’t even let me. I mean OMG! Why in the world would you complain about me being a sloppy daughter when you’re kind of somewhat egging me on by spoiling me and washing the bowl that I wanted to and was going to wash but you wouldn’t let me so you washed it yourself anyway? I mean, why complain in the first place if you’re going to do the task yourself. If you’re going to complain, why don’t you might as well let me wash my own darned bowl? Seriously!

My dad is much worse. I hate him so much when he wastes my time. How? He has is blood pressure monitor thing that measures his blood pressure and he constantly misplaces it! So who is the one that ends up trying to find it? Well, what’d ya know? His lovable daughter. Awwww. NOT! I wouldn’t mind finding it for him but I do mind when he tells me he put it in his car, so I go to his car and guess what? Omg! The blood pressure monitor isn’t there! Where in the world can it be? I was so sure father said he left it in here. Oh well. NO! It is NOT an “oh well” situation! He just totally wasted my time, telling me to go to the garage and search every inch of his car to find his effing blood pressure monitor that isn’t even there! And this happens five times a week, minds you. Yes, this is NOT a once or twice a month thing. It happened soo many times. When it isn’t there, he gets mad at me and tells me to find it, sometimes in the restroom or the bedroom, and sometimes it is in his hands, when I go back and enter the house, and he says, “oh, I found it.” UGH! And you tell me it was in the caaarrr. HELL NO it effing WASN’T! AND what I’m most mad about is that he tells me to do these things when I’m doing my effing homework and project! That is a TOTAL time waster. I EFFING WANT TO LEAVE THIS PLACE!

Oh, and can I say that I HATE tennis. Well, I don’t hate the sport itself, just the bystander who constantly bitches at me everytime I miss the ball. Oh yeah, and who might that be? Yes, that’s correct. My lovely father who oh so cares SO MUCH about me. Well, guess what guys? It’s all fake. Every single word and emotion he expresses is a FAKE. I play with this boy (let’s call him Mark). I play with Mark and obviously he’s better than me cause he practices everyday while I practice only once a week. He’s a guy and I’m a girl so it’s pretty obviously that he’s stronger than me when we play cause he’s tall and buff too.

-I’m going to finish this tomorrow-

Also, I hope Irvine housing comes out soon…


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